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If you live in or around Caterham and you are considering learning to drive or perhaps you are learning to drive and getting exasperated, why don’t you consider learning to drive with a driving school that is wholly driven by Customer Success, where you will gain from up to date and proven coaching techniques.

Now don’t take our word for it, as words are cheap. Take time to peruse over the many remarks left by our customers that have entrusted their driving lessons to us, in our customer reviews, . We always say that pupils should enjoy their lessons and learning to drive should be a straight forward procedure if a planned course of lessons is undertaken.

It is crucial that every one of your driving lessons is given a specific goal and that you are left in no doubt as to what you are attempting to accomplish through the lesson. Sadly we have been told by some of our pupils that have come from other schools that their driving lessons comprised of just pointlessly driving about without any clear-cut objective. On making a mistake whilst on your driving lessons it is essential that you are made fully aware of what the mistake was, and that you are told how to correct it and importantly why or how it came about. This is not a difficult procedure to follow but unfortunately many driving instructors neglect to abide by these uncomplicated but nevertheless successful principles. Note: If a definite objective is not set for every one of your driving lessons, then it is most likely that it will take you longer to learn to drive with the likelihood of it costing you more financially as well.

If you are presently learning to drive but do not receive a well-defined aim at the start of each lesson, how will you be able to be aware of what is required from you throughout your driving lesson?

You are more than welcome to join us at M&G School of Motoring where you can join the many other local students that have gone on to pass their practical driving tests with us.

I wish you happy and successful driving, and best wishes from all the team here at M&G School of Motoring.

By Mick Thompson, Senior Instructor.

8 Success Steps to a 1st Time Pass.


No 1. Endeavour To Be Consistent When Taking Driving Lessons. Make a point to try and take regular weekly driving lessons. We have found that pupils taking regular driving lessons are able to learn SO much quicker than those that take their driving lessons intermittently. If it is possible commit to taking two hour driving lessons. If you do you will find that more is learnt and in a shorter time. Taking one hour driving lessons WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY, for by the time a review of the lesson is taken, and then the time taken to drive to a suitable practice area to undertake the agreed objective, you have possibly used 15 minutes of your lesson. At the end of your lesson there should be a summing up of what has been learnt, which could take another 5 minutes. In total that would be 20 minutes out of your 60 minute lesson.


No.2. It’s Your Driving Lesson So Be Prepared For It! And Get The Most Out Of It. To get the best value for your money be in the correct frame of mind and being awake for your lessons will be a definite plus




No 3. Always begin your Driving Lessons with a review of your previous lesson. Please do not take this too lightly as it is a significant point. Your driving instructor should verify at this stage that you have understood the previous lesson and assess your understanding of the next topic by asking you questions. You will find that unless you fully grasp the theory of the subject, your practical driving practice will be less successful and errors could be made due to a lack of knowledge.



No 4. The Lessons Objective. This is probably the most significant aspect to your progress. Believe me that without having a definite goal your training will take far longer. Therefore it is crucial that EACH lesson is given a well-defined achievable objective.  You must appreciate what is to be covered in the lessons and how achieving it will advance you towards achieving your goal. It would be an absolute waste of time and money to just drive pointlessly around.


No 5. Your driving Lessons should be planned and the development of your skills encouraged. Lessons should be structured, being very easy to begin with and then increasing in difficulty as your ability improves. You should be encouraged by your instructor to continue improving by the asking of relevant questions which will check your understanding.  This is a key process because the balance of responsibility is steadily handed over to you.  




No 6. Driving Lesson Summary. This is the discussion between yourself and your instructor at the end of your lessons. This greatly helps with retaining the new knowledge gained during the lesson and helps to reinforce understanding of the points learnt during the lesson.



No 7. Self-Evaluate. Be Ready, Be Confident and Be Honest with yourself. Ask yourself – are mistakes still being made during your lessons? You must be driving consistently before you attempt the driving test; Too many pupils fail because of this reason. If you attend your practical driving test when you are not confident due to erratic driving it will only add to the driving test worry and many will blame “Nerves On The Day” when in truth it is more likely to be due to inconsistently in the lead up to test day.


No 8. LISTEN to the Advice of Your Driving Instructor. Your instructor is highly trained and qualified at evaluating when you are ready to take your practical driving test – you are paying for professional advice – so it makes sense to listen to it.

To believe that all driving schools and driving instructor are equal would unfortunately be an enormous mistake.

Here at M&G School of Motoring we endeavour to give a “Customer Success” attitude to learning to drive to boost your possibility of passing your practical driving test First Time. Your driving lessons should be given a specific aim and a well-defined goal to enable you to know precisely what you are attempting to accomplish and how it will assist you in attaining your full driving licence. If you are already taking driving lessons and find yourself just aimlessly driving about ask yourself “am I progressing”.

We have found that by offering a full and detailed explanation of what is necessary in the lessons, our pupils find it easier to comprehend what is required and progress is quicker.

It is very important that as a pupil, you know precisely why you are asked to do something and what would be the result of not doing it, and what the effect may be on others near you. This you may feel is a bit complicated but in reality it’s not.

We have many Driving Test passes on our website with many achieving a First Time Pass. If you are looking to learn to drive or perhaps you are taking driving lessons already but feel you are not progressing as quickly as you would like, now would be the time to enrol with us, a driving school that puts customer success first.

If undecided, take a moment to read through our many Customer Reviews and see what our customers have had to say about us after taking driving lessons with us. We strive to make learning to drive a pleasurable and straightforward experience which it is when you follow a well-constructed course of lessons.  When mistakes are made whilst learning to drive, it is very important that you have the mistake explained to you, and are told why it happened and how you can avoid making the same mistake again. This is a relatively simple process, but one that is often overlooked by other driving instructors who do not follow these successful principles.

Please note: Having a definite objective for each of your driving lessons is essential when learning to drive, for without it, your learning period will suffer and you will almost certainly take longer and subsequently it will be take more of your money to achieve your goal.

We let Our Customers do the Talking!!

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